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Sunday, July 6th, 2008
1:11 am
Dog Training Tips that Work!
Dog Training Tips that Work!
 by: Armen T. Ghazarians
Dog training, the most simple acts often produce the best results. In any dog pack, the alpha sets the rules and the rest follow. Therefore, by establishing yourslef as the alpha, you can be sure that your obedience training sessions will be that much more productive. The following is a list of 8 simple things you can do to teach your new puppy or unruly dog that you are the alpha in your pack.
1. Never feed your dog from your plate while you're eating. A dog must learn that your are the alpha and that it can only eat when you are finished with your meal.
2. Never allow your dog on the sofa or on your bed. And if your dog sits on your path, gently shove it out of the way with your foot. By setting boundaries, you will instill in your dog that it must obey the alpha.
3. Never allow your dog to chew on your towels, socks, shoes, or clothing. Use bitter apple to discourage these behaviors.
4. NEVER HIT YOUR DOG FOR MISBEHAVING. Instead use the tone of your voice and a collar/leash to teach and make corrections.
5. Never allow a puppy to chew on your fingers. Otherwise, it will become a habit that will be very hard to break when it becomes an adult. Spray you hands and fingers with bitter apple and then allow the dog to proceed. The dog will learn not to bite your fingers without associating any negative thoughts about you as the alpha.
6. Never leave a hyper dog unexercised. Playing ball before you leave for work and after you return can help alleviate your dog's pent-up energy.
7. Never keep your dog alone in a yard for days at a times. Without proper socialization your dog will become aggressive towards other dogs as well as other humans. A dog needs contact with its own species in order to learn how to behave in a dog pack equally as well as it must learn to behave in a human pack. A dog left alone for long periods of time will believe itself to be the alpha and try to dictate to its master instead of the other way around.
8. Never allow your dog to jump on you or your guests. Its fun when your dog is a puppy, but it isn't fun when it becomes a 100lb behemoth. Practice with a collar and leash and set up situations where a neighbor rings your doorbell while your dog awaits their entrance. Make a sharp correction and command your dog to "sit" when as your neighbor enters the house. And, of course, don't forget to praise the dog as soon as it follows your command. Once the dog knows what to do, try the same thing off leash, but this time use a water spray bottle and spray your dogs face with water as punishment for jumping with a stern vocal correction of "NO". Proceed to praise your dog once again when your dog obeys your command. This way, it will learn to associate praise with correct action.
By following these steps, you will establish yourself as the alpha. And, you will have a head start in trainig your dog because it will have already learned to respect your authority as its leader.
Monday, June 9th, 2008
4:11 pm
How To Grow Daphnia For The Aquarium
How To Grow Daphnia For The Aquarium
 by: Alden Smith
The benefits of feeding live food to fish in a community tank are many: live food will improve vigor and color, and more closely resemble the food found in the fish's natural habitat. Live food is easily obtained.
Some drawbacks include the transmission of diseases or parasites to the aquarium, it is time consuming to maintain the cultures, and a lot of space needs to be devoted to raising live foods. The cost of equipment and supplies needed to maintain cultures is also a consideration for the beginner.
In this article I will discuss how to raise Daphnia. This article will be part of an on-going series on live foods. You can find many more related articles on .kingdiscus.com.
Daphnia belong to a group known as the Daphniidae, and are close relatives of the freshwater shrimp, and the brine shrimp (Artemia). Their generic name is generally referred to as "water flea." This common name is derived from the jerky movements of Daphnia in the water. The over 150 different species can be found in North America, with a similar amount of species growing in Europe. Some of these species find common ground on both continents.
Daphnia are a small crustacean, and are great to use as a fresh food because they will exist in the tank water until eaten by the fish. Daphnia can also be sterilized if it is felt necessary by placing in a 5% solution of Clorox for 3 to 5 minutes. Very few micro-organisms can survive this. Be sure, however, to rinse them thoroughly before feeding!
Daphnia can be raised both indoors and outside. Many people raise daphnia in a small children's wading pool. A more controlled environment, however, is done indoors, and can be done year round if one lives in northern climes. This can be as simple as a couple of two liter bottles, to a 20 gallon tub purchased from a store such as Menard's. The ideal situation is to have as much oxygenated surface area as possible, so if there is room for a larger container, by all means use it. A shallower environment suits daphnia best for prolific growth.
Setting up the environment for daphnia is quite simple. Many methods are used for collecting the water to use for the culture. The best advice I have heard is from Joe F. of Circle City Aquarium Club in Indianapolis, IN. He gave a presentation at the August meeting of Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society, and recommends using tank water saved from a tank change. Joe has been raising live foods for a long time, and has had good success. His video presentation was top notch.
PH levels for successful Daphnia cultures should be in the range of 6-8, and should be more alkaline than acidic. If raised outdoors, no aeration is needed. If raised indoors, aeration should be adjusted to produce large bubbles. Small bubbles in the daphnia culture will cause the bubbles to become lodged in the carapace of the culture, and they will die.
Water temperatures for Daphnia magna are not a high requirement, but the optimal temperature should be in the 64-72 degree range. they are very tolerant to changes in temperature, and can withstand fluctuations down to freezing. In fact, Daphnia can be frozen and kept in the freezer, and then revived when needed. Moina withstand a higher fluctuation in temperature than do D. magna.
Lighting should be in the neighborhood of eight or more hours light per day and light intensity equal to or greater than 850 lux. A simple light and a timer can accomplish this indoors.
Feeding the Daphnia is where most aquarists fail. Daphnia feed on dissolved organic matter, yeast, various groups of bacteria, microalgae, and detritus, or mulm. Organic fertilizers, such as fresh cow manure. It is not recommended by our breeder, though, because of the antibiotics and supplements fed to dairy and beef cattle. A much better mixture is a combination of one tablespoon each of spirulina, soy flour, and active dry yeast, added to a pint of water. This mixture should be added so that the water is cloudy, but you are able to see the bottom clearly, and observe the Daphnia swimming in the culture. This mixture should be added carefully every two or three days, being careful not to over feed. At this time, you should see an abundance of Daphnia, and they can be harvested to feed your fish.
Harvesting is quite simple - simply use a small aquarium net, observing that the smaller Daphnia fall through the netting to grow further. In this way, the adults are harvested, and can be fed to your fish. The younger Daphnia can go on to produce still more fish food. Harvested Daphnia can be kept in the refrigerator for several days in clean water.
Daphnia are high in protein, and a very good diet for tropical fish. Some aquarists feed them exclusively. They provide up to 70% protein to your tropical fish, and are an excellent source of live food for the aquarium.
Much can be written on the culturing of Daphnia. this guide is only meant to help the beginner to live foods to establish a colony, and feed live food high in protein to their fish. A series of article on live foods is forthcoming, and can be viewed at .kingdiscus.com.

good site. I like it! The Versatile Golden Retriever
Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
10:39 am
I just joined this community. I am a total Broadway Geek. I love alsmost all musicals except for 1 that I totally despise.

I look forward to posting and reading the posts.

Current Mood: sick as a dog
Monday, July 29th, 2002
6:45 pm
Hey everyone I'm new to this little community! :)

I really like acting and all things related to performing and the related industries. I'm just about to go into the second half of my drama a-level (A2) and I'm going on to study Performing Arts at a uni in london, probably Queen Mary because they have great facilities. I've done a lot of theatre work, (Including a stretch with the RSC (little part but hey!) and I recently finished filming for a new feature starring Rowen Atkinson and John Malcovich. (I also met Natalie Imbruglia, she's really nice!) It was only as a named extra but it was a fun 3 weeks.

Anyway I'm blabbing, nice to meet you all.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, February 26th, 2002
9:59 am
what's university of east anglia's drama programme like? i'm thinking of applying there... ^_^ gotta love long distance auditions.

Current Mood: giggly
Sunday, January 20th, 2002
9:53 pm
ahh! im so happy! My friend Tawny promised me that she'd teach me some of the cool choreography that she knows, and since she's also taking lessons at Wade Robson's dance academy, shes gonna teach me some of the stuff that he has taught her! AHH! im so psyched! Plus her and i are gonna do a performance sometime in the next couple of months! Just to give you a little background info on her, she won "best performer in southern california" two years ago at the MACY awards. And she is not only an amazing performer, but an awesome singer and dancer, and so i feel more than slightly inferior to her ablities...so im nervous as hell about performing... but it should be alot of fun. whee!
Monday, December 3rd, 2001
10:17 pm
AYYIIIIIII!!!! guess who gets to see Chicago this summer??!?! ^_^ *throws confetti* *dances around* woooo... alrite... i betta try and sleep.but AYYIIII!!!!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, October 14th, 2001
7:22 am
*~* I didn't recognize U without the Handcuffs *~*
okie... does ne1 else feel this way?? i have this deepseated loathing of ppl wiv nasal and/or no vibrato voices. like i've drawn blood listening to them. i mean, i am the sort of person who gets guilt trips for a week if i accidently kill a bug when trying to stop it biting me... but i still can amuse maiself for hours fantasizing about ripping out certain bad singers' vocal chords wiv out anthestic. *hids her whip behind her* (<--- totally unrelated but I have a baibee pink whip. hehe. i want fuzzie purple handcuffs too... but no1 is buying me ne. pity. i want some) sorrie about the random dominatrix tangent. i go off on those a lot. like mai random PVC and pleather obbssessions. ne1 know what PVC stands for? newayz back to what i was talking about... well? does it piss ne1 else off?

Current Mood: horny
12:49 pm
"One more day before the storm...(Will we eva meet again)...at the barricades of freedom..."
Ive decided to ask my mum + dad for 2 tickets to see Les Miserables for Christmas....Me and my friend want to go see it. Ive already seen it, but am in love with in in a big way...

They've said yes which is a good sign...now we need to get tickets b4 they sell out!!!

Really excited now...


Current Mood: excited
Saturday, October 13th, 2001
3:48 am
"welcome back suckers..."
well... if he gets a shameless plug for his show... I get one for mine! *cackles evilly* of course its hard to do the whole evil thing when ur trying not to smear ur nailpolish on the keyboard. hehe... no more virgin hands for me. *wink wink* sorrie... random cabaret ref... i will behave.

mai shows super perfect cause I wrote it... well co-wrote it wiv Natasha. Its very random... "You are about to see a story of MURDER, GREED, Corruption,Violence, Exploitation, Adultery and Treachery......all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts......." sans the murder, she just runs in front of a car... its oh so brilliant. bit contrived but, whatzever. we're singing Beautiful City (revival Godspell), I Remember it Well (Gigi) and All the Wasted Time (Children of Eden). Big solo-duety thingy in I Remember it Well... i love that song...

okie... so now u can just fly over to California and watch me!!! yay! rn't u excited?

Current Mood: accomplished
4:45 pm
"Well sir all I can say is that: if I were a bell, Id be ringing.."
Yeh so I didnt win my class in the Shakespeare thing, but she said that my voice was very rich and had very good clarity. She said that I could be very good and had a lot of potential, but I need some professional training... So now I can tell my mum that I DO NEED SOME PROFESSIONAL TRAINING!

Tomorrows the dance thing for the same festival and I still haven't got my solo sorted...hehe o well. So Im in high spirits...

Got a program for the WHOLE festival today and came to the conclusion that I know like half the group that Im doing my "Song from the Shows" thing....should be good. Im doing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miz. I think Ive got a good chance wiv it. Im number 15 in my group of the festival. There are 23 of us all together, and Im doing it in Mid November sometime...

Ok enuff from me....see ya

Current Mood: accomplished
11:50 am
"Im depressed....for hustling amours to Japanese tours..."
Yeh so anyway. Nowt much to write...but just felt like it anyway...

The theatre gods have spoken and have awarded me 3 solo songs in our skool production of Grease.
Our Drama teachers are doing a "Piss Take" of Grease and infringing on any copyright, but what the hey... They think that Grease has been done so many times, that they wanted to take a new angle. And Im doing the finale song ("hound dog") with a *Steps* mic and get to do a funky 50's dance with one of my friends called sarah

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, October 11th, 2001
1:13 am
*twirls around singing Contact as loud as she can*
yay!!! this is amazingly brilliant... okie since i'm in this school service thingy... i get out of having to watch Secrets. like.... normally mai requirments r... oh... singing/dancing/acting= yippee! *dances around the room* <---- alrite, so mai bed's comfortable so i shan't. but this show is going to SUCK!!! like, i saw the lil' leaflet thing... now normal theatre companies r like... "oooh lets show some of our talent" but know... they look like their gonna have the lamest cheorography. and the ppl look like they can't dance. U CALL THAT TURN OUT??!! i mean... put me on stage wiv some of those prop pieces and u'd have a dance. i realize the point of the show is too promote no-sex but... lil' strip show never hurt ne1. hehe... i'm so happy i don't have to watch it. i'd get kicked out of the theatre for laughing... "oh daddy, i got raped and now *breaks out of character to attempt to flash a sexi smile at the audience* i have HIV..." i mean... y not let us watch Rent? seriously... Adam Pascal says no sex, and i'll run off to a nunnery. its quite simple.

the songs r going to be hella lame...
this time or the next
remember... just saaay no to sex!
hey, u think its cool gettin' laid
wait till u have AIDS.
no sex! no no no! no sex!
u think its cool to slip a hit
U'd be doing more than it
no sex! no no no! no sex!

of course, they have to have an anit-slut one:
Woke up this morning, put mai feet on the floor
Said, "Baibee, gonna be a crack whore"
So put on mai heels, mai tasseled bra...
Crack Whore, la da da da.
Went out to a party, a disco or two
Played wiv the fellows, the chicas too
Crack whore, that's me i said
rouged mai lips bright and red
Smeared maiself all over the place
Didn't care bout gender, age or race..
But now baibee i'm no longer clean
That orgy nite wasn't so peachy keen.
No baibee, not no more...
I can't never be no crack whore.

And the good ol' STD one:
Its between u and me
Between the lovers
and the brothers
between u and me
Not just an STD..
Oh yeah...

hehe... i'm talented!! *blushes* oh stop wiv the praise... u can all make up a tune.... woohoo. knock yerself out. its going to be hilarious... yay!!! okie... done wiv mai happy trip. need to study for mai drivers test tomorrow. *whimpers*

Current Mood: naughty
Sunday, October 7th, 2001
8:58 am
"she's no longer a gypsy... she's becoming a star!" la la la
what song should i use for mai dance class? the dance must be vibratory and precussive... ne suggestions? i'm suggesting All the Jazz from Chicago, and mebbe A Little More Mascara from Cage Aux Folles cause it cracks me up... thinking about American Dream from Miss Saigon...but still.. IDEAS?? pwease??

Current Mood: artistic
Saturday, October 6th, 2001
2:01 am
yay! ppl joined... "actors play a game of hide and ego seek" one of mai favorite quotes. stole it from Applause. *shhh*
me is happy, just found out about this drama course at Oxford... i REALLY want to go... i think mai parents will let me next year, cause its mai gap year. :-)

hmmm... u'll have to excuse the way i'm totally addicted to theatre... literally. it started... well... since i was born... and its still going strong... hehe... stuck living in America rite now, and but i'm going to an english university, i hope... hehe...
randomest scripts:
Beckett's Breath:
actor 1: (breathes for thirt seconds)
the end

this random thing i found in a theatre mag, its from this random show that's supposedly an allegory for America:
Man in chicken suit crosses the stage
voiceover: a man in a chicken suit crosses the stage
Man walks to the end of the stage
voiceover: why did the chicken cross the stage?

yes... went and brought all these theatre books today... need to find places for them... mebbe i should do that... but no... i think i'll sit here and listen to chicago... cause i just read that entry about it... so i got it stuck in mai head... so then i went and listened to it. hehe.

Current Mood: giddy
1:42 pm
I am soon to be going on a trip to the west end with my school to see "Chicago". I have never heard any of the music (bar "Cell Block Tango") and dont know any of the story etc.

Have any of you seen it or know any of the storyline? What is your opinion?

Apparently Denise Van Outen is in it, but Im not really fussed. Ok hope to get some comments.

5:13 pm
ok babe i'm joining this one for you b/c of your plea to join at the broadway community. considering i just joined rent and broadway, and we've been exchanging tons of comments, u know enough a/b me by now. for everyone else...

hi i'm jess. i'm from new york but i live in south east asia. i'm 16 and I live for music and theater. my Godfather lives in London so I spend a lot of time with him, and he takes me to West End every time I visit. My favorite shows are Rent and Les Miz. Yup that's me...
12:36 am
I'm new to this group, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I spent three months living in Central London (Bloomsbury) and made several excursions into "theatreland" to see the plays. I've been to Criterion, Arts, Fortune and the Royal National Theatre, among others I can't remember, in theatreland, as well as Hampstead Theatre and the Orange Tree on the Fringe. London is definitely the place to be to see great plays and musicals.
Thursday, October 4th, 2001
6:38 am
woohoo... WEST END!!! okie... bestest place on earth.... ^_^

Current Mood: artistic
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