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"Well sir all I can say is that: if I were a bell, Id be ringing.."

Yeh so I didnt win my class in the Shakespeare thing, but she said that my voice was very rich and had very good clarity. She said that I could be very good and had a lot of potential, but I need some professional training... So now I can tell my mum that I DO NEED SOME PROFESSIONAL TRAINING!

Tomorrows the dance thing for the same festival and I still haven't got my solo sorted...hehe o well. So Im in high spirits...

Got a program for the WHOLE festival today and came to the conclusion that I know like half the group that Im doing my "Song from the Shows" thing....should be good. Im doing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miz. I think Ive got a good chance wiv it. Im number 15 in my group of the festival. There are 23 of us all together, and Im doing it in Mid November sometime...

Ok enuff from me....see ya
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