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*~* I didn't recognize U without the Handcuffs *~*

okie... does ne1 else feel this way?? i have this deepseated loathing of ppl wiv nasal and/or no vibrato voices. like i've drawn blood listening to them. i mean, i am the sort of person who gets guilt trips for a week if i accidently kill a bug when trying to stop it biting me... but i still can amuse maiself for hours fantasizing about ripping out certain bad singers' vocal chords wiv out anthestic. *hids her whip behind her* (<--- totally unrelated but I have a baibee pink whip. hehe. i want fuzzie purple handcuffs too... but no1 is buying me ne. pity. i want some) sorrie about the random dominatrix tangent. i go off on those a lot. like mai random PVC and pleather obbssessions. ne1 know what PVC stands for? newayz back to what i was talking about... well? does it piss ne1 else off?
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Yeh I get that alot...

I h8 people who obviously cant sing, but still go in for competitions for people who can. I hate when people have no vibrato but I also hate it when ppl have too much and it sound like they're crying even when they're singing a happy song!

I have a whip actually. Its black and has a red bit on the end... I do know what PVC stands for, but its in me science book and I cant be bothered to look it up yet...I'll post later saying what it means.
yay! some1 agrees *does the happy dance* yeah... too much vibrato is bad too. *grrrr* but i'll be nice, no improtu operations... ;-)

U HAVE A WHIP?!?!?!?! OMG... i am sooooooooooooo jealous!!! that's the coolest thing eva! omg omg omg... mebbe i should calm down.and u actually know what PVC stands for? i might actually reach enlightment... whoa. the undying quest for knowlegdge has been answered! yay! red and black r pwetty colours. "reddddd thhhee blllooodd offffff annnggrrrry mmmeennn" la la la. godspell and les miz don't go well together. hehe... best go back to that... yes... dedication. go me.
I hate nasal voices. It's just ugly.
seriously. I KNOW! it was sooooo awful. i was at this girl's house and she INSISTED on singing... it was sooooo awful. I was hiding mai face in mai friend's lap. yup. *shudders* and ppl wiv nasally voices ALWAYS think they sound good... y is that?
They can't hear themselves. They only have an echo in their head of what their voices sound like.
oh... yeah. its like wiv violin. u hear the cd and not urself. i'm awake. hehe... i wish there was a polite way of saying, "u suck. shut up". *sigh* but there isn't. so we'll have to suffer.
YES! oh my god.. i may not be the best singer in the world, but at least i KNOW when i sound crappy! There are so many people at my school that cant sing, yet try to, over and over and over. Theres one girl who has so much vibrato in her voice that she sounds like a turkey (no joke lol) and theres one girl who has such a nasaly voice that my ears almost bleed when she sings. ack.
I miss all the people that graduated last year. They were our talent... *sigh* Oh least i still talk to em ;)
*gRrr* I KNOW!!!!



July 29 2002, 11:22:25 UTC 14 years ago

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride
Ooo intelligence. i am impressed. ^_^ thanks!! *bounces off to tell some1 new info*