Camp Actor (camp_actor) wrote in west_end,
Camp Actor


I am soon to be going on a trip to the west end with my school to see "Chicago". I have never heard any of the music (bar "Cell Block Tango") and dont know any of the story etc.

Have any of you seen it or know any of the storyline? What is your opinion?

Apparently Denise Van Outen is in it, but Im not really fussed. Ok hope to get some comments.

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You're going with your school? That's...interesting. My school is really uptight. Chicago is about this girl who murders her husband, but manages to avoid prison. She obsessed with being in the spotlight, so she used her fame from the trial to become famous. It's really good. Be open minded, I suppose. The music is great!

Why did u think going with school is "....interesting"? We get like 5 knocked off the price if we go with school....which includes travel to London etc
Oh, that. I really wish my school took us to see musicals! My school is really conservative, and there are some scenes in Chicago that they wouldn't approve of. Just girls running around in lacy underwear and stuff.

Didnt know that....

Not that Im interested in girls wearing lacy underwear, mind.
it's a good show, it really is. i loved it
chicago chicago chicago!!!! one of mai favorite shows... by kander and ebbs *swoon* ppl who wrote Cabaret for those of u who don't know and don't spend ages swooning over the piano at ur voice teachers house cause she let u touch the kander and ebbs vocal score book like me...

attepting to find mai Chicago weblinks for u too read. ummm... Ute Lemper ((sp?)) was in it... so was err... Joel Grey.

there ya go...

Cell Block Tango one of the best... i suppose if u have to pick one... Bob fosse cheographed the orginal.. i think his wife was in it... but i can't be sure... i know she was the lead in Sweet Charity... hmmm.... ne more random Chicago stuff? oh yes... the costume mistress stole mai costume... i had it first!!! just so every1 knows... i was most upset when i got mai pics from mai show back, and then saw the cover to Chicago... looked like a tried to copy them, but i didn't.

hmmm.. the lead womyn r all great... Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. the lead guy is called Billy Flinn... as in "B- I - double L- Y" lets see... hmm... funniest line: "u help me up mai ladder, and i'll help u *pause* UP YOURS" still cracks me up everytime... lets see... i know the audition requirments, if ne1 wants them... LOL

and yet... i have yet to presuade mai parents to let me go and see it... they walk me past the theatre and the posters every time i go to london... but do they let me go in? nnoooo.... probably cause they r afraid i'll start murdering ppl. i so don't do things just cause mai favorite characters do them. really i don't.

in case ur wondering... I AM NOT OBBOSSESSED... really.