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"welcome back suckers..."

well... if he gets a shameless plug for his show... I get one for mine! *cackles evilly* of course its hard to do the whole evil thing when ur trying not to smear ur nailpolish on the keyboard. hehe... no more virgin hands for me. *wink wink* sorrie... random cabaret ref... i will behave.

mai shows super perfect cause I wrote it... well co-wrote it wiv Natasha. Its very random... "You are about to see a story of MURDER, GREED, Corruption,Violence, Exploitation, Adultery and Treachery......all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts......." sans the murder, she just runs in front of a car... its oh so brilliant. bit contrived but, whatzever. we're singing Beautiful City (revival Godspell), I Remember it Well (Gigi) and All the Wasted Time (Children of Eden). Big solo-duety thingy in I Remember it Well... i love that song...

okie... so now u can just fly over to California and watch me!!! yay! rn't u excited?
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