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*~* I didn't recognize U without the Handcuffs *~*

okie... does ne1 else feel this way?? i have this deepseated loathing of ppl wiv nasal and/or no vibrato voices. like i've drawn blood listening to them. i mean, i am the sort of person who gets guilt trips for a week if i accidently kill a bug when trying to stop it biting me... but i still can amuse maiself for hours fantasizing about ripping out certain bad singers' vocal chords wiv out anthestic. *hids her whip behind her* (<--- totally unrelated but I have a baibee pink whip. hehe. i want fuzzie purple handcuffs too... but no1 is buying me ne. pity. i want some) sorrie about the random dominatrix tangent. i go off on those a lot. like mai random PVC and pleather obbssessions. ne1 know what PVC stands for? newayz back to what i was talking about... well? does it piss ne1 else off?
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